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  1. What is a criminal summons?
    A criminal court summons – also known as a "pink ticket" – is issued by a police officer for violating certain laws. Most people who receive a summons are not arrested and fingerprinted unless they fail to show identification. View our Annual Reports for more information.

  2. What do I have to do after I receive a criminal summons?
    • You may plea by mail if your summons is for Public Consumption of Alcohol A.C. 10-125 (b) or Public Urination A.C. 16-118 (6).
    • Otherwise, you must report in person up to 1 week before the scheduled appearance date on your summons. The summons shows the court address and hours.

  3. Can I plea on the web?
    No. Plea by web is not available at this time.

  4. What if I was issued more than one summons?
    A summons can contain only one charge. If you were charged with more than one offense, you will receive a summons for each offense. All summonses will be heard by the court at the same time.

  5. If I lose my summons or cannot read the writing on the summons, how do I find out my appearance date?
    You may check your appearance date on MySummons.NYC. Information about your summons will be available a number of weeks after your summons was issued.

  6. Can I go to the court before the appearance date listed on my summons?
    You may appear up to one week before your scheduled appearance.

  7. Can someone else appear in court for me?
    Only you or, with the judge's permission, an attorney, may appear to answer your summons. A parent, spouse, sibling or friend may not appear on your behalf.

  8. What if the appearance date on the summons is on a weekend or holiday?
    If your appearance date is on a weekend or holiday, please contact the court to set a new date. Phone: 646-386-4937 Monday - Friday (9am-5pm) or email Visit the Court Holiday Schedule

  9. What happens if I miss my appearance date?
    An arrest warrant* will be issued if you miss your appearance date. You must come to court as soon as possible to resolve the warrant.

    *An arrest warrant is an order issued by a judge which authorizes the arrest and detention of an individual.

  10. Where do I go to answer my summons?
    You must appear at the court location indicated on the summons. It will be one of the locations listed below. For information on directions, use the links below for Google Maps or call the M.T.A. New York City Transit Information Line at (718) 330-1234.

  11. May I go to any court location?
    You may only go to the court location shown on your summons.

  12. What time should I go to court?
    The information window opens at 8:30 a.m. and the Court session begins at 9:30 a.m. You must appear before 3:00 p.m. to ensure that you case will be heard.

  13. What should I bring to my court appearance?
    A copy of your summons and a valid picture ID – if possible, the ID that you showed to the officer who issued the summons.

  14. Do I need to bring an attorney to my appearance or will an attorney be provided?
    You may bring your own attorney or use an attorney assigned by the summons court. If the summons is issued to a corporation (incorporated (Inc.)), a limited liability corporation (LLC) or a limited partnership (LLP), you must retain an attorney and they must be present at every appearance before the court.

  15. What will happen at my court appearance?
    1. Check-in: you will first check in with the clerk who will inform you that a Judicial Hearing Officer will preside over your case unless you specifically request a judge.
    2. Meet with Lawyer: you will be given the opportunity to discuss your case with a court appointed lawyer and decide whether to plead guilty or not guilty.
    3. Courtroom: you will be directed to have a seat in the courtroom to wait for your case to be called. Cases are called in the order in which they are checked in. You should be prepared to wait in the event that there are many cases called ahead of yours.
    4. Plead Not Guilty – Future Trial Date: if you plead not guilty, you will be informed of your future trial date.
    5. Plead Guilty – Pay fine: if you plead guilty, the judge will inform you of your fine which must be paid at the clerk's window.

  16. Do I need to pay my fine the same day?
    The court will give you 60 days to pay your fine. You may pay your fine the same day or return to pay on a later date.

  17. Can I pay my fine online?
    Yes.  In most instances you can pay online by going to and entering your summons number or a combination of your docket number and name.  If you have an outstanding judgement, warrant or conviction to a VTL offense, you will not be able to pay online.  Also, you must pay in full if you pay online.  Partial payments are not accepted.

  18. What happens if I fail to pay my fine on time?
    The court will order a Civil Judgment against you if you fail to pay your fine on time. A Civil Judgement is a lien against your credit and may affect your ability to obtain a credit card, cellphone, a lease, or even to rent a car.

  19. Plea by Mail
    If I received a summons for Public Consumption of Alcohol or Public Urination, do I need to go to court on the appearance date listed on my summons?

    If your summons is for A.C. 10-125 (b) –Public Consumption of Alcohol or A.C. 16-118 (6) – Public Urination, you are eligible to plead guilty and pay a fine by mail. This plea by mail program is available only to people charged with these offenses and only if no other summonses are issued to you at the same time. Thus, if you were issued a summons for public consumption of alcohol and another for public urination at the same time, you are not eligible to plea by mail for either summons. If you plead guilty by mail, you do not need to appear in court. Read the Instructions For Pleading Guilty To Summons By Mail.

  20. Is there a time limit for me to plea and pay by mail?
    If your summons is for A.C. 10-125 (b) –Public Consumption of Alcohol or A.C. 16-118 (6) – Public Urination and it is still at least three weeks prior to the schedule appearance listed on the summons, you may still use the plea by mail process. If you plead guilty by mail, you do not need to appear in court. Read the Instructions For Pleading Guilty To Summons By Mail.

  21. I paid by mail a while ago, why hasn't my check cleared?
    It takes about 8 weeks for the court to process a summons payment sent by mail.  If you have sent in your Plea Form and payment but the Summons Payment Services system shows you owe a balance, you can verify that the court has received your Plea Form and payment by emailing and asking about the status of your payment.

  22. Will I have a criminal record if I plead am found guilty?
    Generally, convictions to summons are not listed on a person's criminal record (i.e., RAP sheet). However, your name will appear on the court's public WebCriminal system while your case is pending. You should speak to your attorney about the possible consequences of having a summons conviction.

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